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Paxman is a family company

The Paxman Scalp Cooling System exists because of Sue
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Sue was the wife of our founder Glenn, and mum to Curtis, Claire, our Director of Global Training, Richard, our CEO, and James. She is the heart and motivation behind everything that happens at Paxman. In the video above, the Paxman family talks about their memories of the woman who has inspired so much.

Sue was diagnosed with breast cancer and tried a rudimentary scalp cooling system during her chemotherapy treatment. Sadly, it did not work and Sue lost her hair. The trauma of losing her hair had an enormous impact on Sue and her young family of four children. This is when Glenn decided he needed to do something to stop anyone else from having to go through this horrible experience.

We thought it was important to share with you the wonderful woman who sits at the center of everything at Paxman. Her experience has helped us to know what you are facing. The Paxman Scalp Cooling System’s impact on thousands of patients worldwide is Sue’s legacy. We could not be prouder that there is a small part of the mother, wife, and daughter that meant so much to us, reaching everyone one of the people who use our system and give cold capping a try.

Sue was bright, warm, funny, and full of life. She didn’t let her diagnosis stop her or slow her down, at least not in front of the outside world or her children. Eventually, she was diagnosed a second time and died of cancer in 2000. She overflowed with personality and determination. It is this unwavering forward motion that has become an innate part of the Paxman approach, and the family’s mission to ensure that anyone who wants scalp cooling can access the treatment.
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