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The pharmacy will review your prescription and make contact with you via phone within 48 hours (URGENT Requests received by pharmacy before 1pm/MST will be contacted same day//URGENT Requests received by pharmacy after 1pm will be contacted within 24 hours) of them receiving it. Once the pharmacy is able to make phone contact with you, they will be able to review expected delivery date options. We have typically seen the caps ship either same or next day, however they will be categorized by treatment start date.

It may not be something that you want to think about, but you may want to consider keeping your cap. This is a difficult discussion but the cap can be re-used if a patient has a recurrence or requires additional chemotherapy. Alternatively, the cap can be returned to Paxman HQ for disposal, or can be donated using our cap recycle program (please email patient@paxmanusa.com).

Yes we have a cap recycle program available for those that would like cap to be used by someone who cannot afford scalp cooling. We are running this program in conjunction with the wonderful charity HairToStay. For more information, please e-mail patient@paxmanusa.com.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, however you are fine to continue with your treatments as scheduled.  All tokens are loaded with a few additional swipes as a backup for instances such as this. If you do have any issues where you receive an error code during a treatment or if your token reads low credit, please contact us on 888-572-9626 and we will issue you a new token.

Unfortunately this is not possible. The Paxman cap is a federally regulated device that is catogorized as a Restricted Medical Device, which can only be sold on oral or written authorisation by a licensed practitioner or under conditions specified by regulation. If you are concerned that you are unable to afford scalp cooling, please visit our financial support page.

In the first instance please contact your healthcare provider, the treating physician or nurse will need to complete the refund section of the enrollment form and fax this to the Paxman Hub who will then be able to process your refund.

The HairToStay Foundation provides assistance to patients who qualify to receive funding to help pay for the cap and or cycles. We would also recommend you check with your healthcare provider for any other options available to you locally.

We do not have access to this information. HairToStay reviews applications for assistance, so please contact them for their advice.

A refund can be processed following completion of page 2 of the enrollment form by the treating physician or nurse, which needs to be faxed to the Paxman Hub. Since the Cap has already been shipped, once the Cap is returned, a refund will be processed with a $220 restocking fee applied.

Please get in touch with you provider for more information on costing, or get in touch at patient@paxmanusa.com for specific information.

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