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The Paxman system is under a full technical support contract. You can contact Paxman at 844-572-9629 for assistance or email your inquiry to hcp@paxmanusa.com.

Our team will be happy to help, please call 844-572-9629 for assistance or email your inquiry to hcp@paxmanusa.com.

Please call the Paxman Hub 844-572-9626 and one of our team will be able to investigate this for you.

The pharmacy will review your prescription and make contact with you via phone within 48 hours (URGENT Requests received by pharmacy before 1pm/MST will be contacted same day//URGENT Requests received by pharmacy after 1pm will be contacted within 24 hours) of them receiving it. Once the pharmacy is able to make phone contact with you, they will be able to review expected delivery date options. We have typically seen the caps ship either same or next day, however they will be categorized by treatment start date.

Yes, the HCP has a Master Key Card which can be used in the event of any technical errors. Please be aware that you must inform the Paxman Hub if this does occur, you can contact them on 844-572-9626

If you are a representative from a hospital or a cancer center, you can get a system demonstration by submitting your request in writing at HCP@paxmanusa.com and someone from Paxman HQ will be in touch with you very soon. Alternatively, call 855-5PAXMAN (855-572-9626).

This is dependent on your cancer type. The Paxman Scalp Cooling System is cleared by the FDA for use with all solid cancer tumors. For patients who don’t meet the FDA recommendation for the Scalp Cooling Cap, we recommend that you consult with you MD. You can access scalp cooling if your physician has written a prescription or has filled out the enrolment form.

Scalp cooling is not restricted by age. Suitability for scalp cooling is down to the cancer type, specifically whether the cancer is a solid tumor or not. As most paediatric/young children’s cancers are blood related most children would not be able to use scalp cooling. However, scalp cooling has been used occasionally by young patients.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, however you are fine to continue with your treatments as scheduled.  All tokens are loaded with a few additional swipes as a backup for instances such as this. If you do have any issues where you receive an error code during a treatment or if your token reads low credit, please contact us on 888-572-9626 and we will issue you a new token.

In the first instance please contact your healthcare provider, the treating physician or nurse will need to complete the refund section of the enrollment form and fax this to the Paxman Hub who will then be able to process your refund.

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