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Scalp Cooling Haircare

Find out everything you need to know to look after your hair while you are scalp cooling.
Haircare during scalp cooling doesn’t have to be difficult, but it is probably different to the haircare routine you are used to. The following includes lots of information to make your day-to-day haircare during chemotherapy and scalp cooling as simple as possible.
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Identifying your hair type

The best place to start with haircare is to understand what kind of hair type you have. The diagram below will help you to identify the hair type that feels closest to your hair in its natural state (without styling or the use of heated tools). It’s pretty common for people to have a range of hair texture across their scalp, so try to pick the one that is most similar to the majority of your hair.
Knowing your hair type will help you identify the right advice for you.

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It is important to pay extra attention to your hair during chemotherapy.

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