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If you have decided that scalp cooling is the right choice for you, then we are committed to support you from beginning to end.

We have provided all the information –
you need to make this experience as simple as possible.

We have a Facebook Group –
that is full of people who are going through the same as you. Join it. You will find positivity, guidance, advice and support.

Get to know this website –
and our hair care blog. It’s a great resource full of information.

We really do know what you are going through –
so say hello, we are always here.

But this is a two-way street –
we also need you to be committed to the process too. It has been proven that an informed patient has a better outcome.

Self advocate…

Be positive –
this is going to be a tough road, but with a positive attitude and determination you can do this.

Be ready –
do your research, know what you are going in to so you can make informed decisions. Read as much as you can, watch and re watch the cap tutorial videos so that you are as prepared as you can be for your first treatment.

Be realistic –
scalp cooling doesn’t work for everyone –
find out what retention has looked like for other people on your regimen. Know that you can lose a lot of hair and still have an amazing amount left.

Be prepared –
arrive with everything you need to make your treatment days as tolerable as possible.

Be confident –
no one is more invested in your outcome than you. Know what is right and advocate for yourself. If you are not comfortable speak up!

Be gentle with your hair –
look after it well and be aware that you will lose hair. Remember scalp cooling isn’t just about hair retention – you will see stronger faster and healthier regrowth with the cold cap.

Be kind to yourself –
this won’t be easy, there will be challenging days, but know that you are doing everything you can to retain your hair.

Get started?