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The Paxman Hub fulfils patient management, nurse and physician support programs and logistics.

The Paxman Hub is there to ensure that we can work with you and your treatment center to get you the best possible access to scalp cooling. The Paxman Hub handles everything that is required to support you in getting started following receipt of your enrollment form from your physician or treatment center.

Once the Hub receives the Enrollment Form from your physician, they will reach out to you to talk through next steps or you can get in touch with them. The Paxman Hub will offer full support on patient information, payer coverage, coding and patient assistance programs.

Please confirm with your facility that they have a Paxman System before you complete the form. You will only be able to use the Paxman Scalp Cooling System if your facility has a contract with us.

Contact them for:

  • General scalp cooling enquiries
  • Information about the cap or system
  • Financial support questions
  • Details on our refund policy
  • If you haven’t received your cap
  • To confirm receipt of Enrollment Form
  • Any payment issues
  • Information on payer coverage

How the Hub works

The Paxman Hub is a call center with specially trained case managers. They will quickly create your account. This will have details of your prescribed treatments from your physician. 

The Hub specialists are there for you with information on scalp cooling and other relevant information, and the case managers are also there to assist HCPs, physicians, nurses and all healthcare professionals with any questions they may have.

Day 1: You complete the enrollment form.
Then your doctor’s office will fax that form to the Paxman Hub.

Day 2: Paxman Hub reach out to you within 24-48hrs.
Then your prescription is sent to our Pharmacy.

Day 3: Personal Cap Kit is dispatched.
You must be available via phone to schedule shipment with Pharmacy before it can be dispatched
Note: Standard processing at the Pharmacy 24-48 hours and we strive to work all cap orders as soon as possible.

Day 4: Personal Cap Kit is delivered to your home.
(Unless you request a future delivery date).
Click here to view or download the Enrollment Form which includes full Terms of Sale and Lead Times (including Urgent Case scenario)

Package is received.
The brochure, the kit components, and the instructional videos on the website should all help prepare you for scalp cooling.

Treatment day.
Please bring the Paxman Personal Cap Kit and all of the components to the center. You should be prepared for scalp cooling.
Click here to view or download the Enrollment Form which includes full Terms of Sale and Lead Times (including Urgent Case scenario)


The Enrollment Form contains information about your drug regimen and treatment plan which will allow the Hub case managers set up your account. This is the first step towards scalp cooling if you decide it is right for you. Once your Form has reached the Hub, a case manager can set up your account and will reach out to you.

Your HCP should have an Enrollment form ready to complete, but if needed, please download the form below and print a black and white copy.

Download the
enrolment form

Your HCP will need to complete the enrollment form in full with you and submit it to the Paxman Hub.

The Paxman Hub case managers will review and process the request, and then contact you to talk about next steps.