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Location: Brighouse, UK
Cancer type: High Grade Papillary Serous Ovarian Adenocarcinoma Stage 4B
Drug type: Paclitaxel 336g Carboplatin 500g
Hair type: Thick, Short, Straight

"I was happy with the experience and do believe its help with the regrowth!"

I started chemotherapy in October 2020, I was told about scalp cooling by my oncologist.

First time using cold cap was a lot better than expected, the tightness the cap goes too was a little scary but soon settled and did not feel as cold as I thought it would.

The nurses were good and provided blankets if required, checked the machine regularly.  As I got more hair loss, they provided theatre caps to wear.  I made sure I wore layers of warm clothes.

I had about 10% retention, but new growth started before last chemo and is ½ inch all over after 5 weeks end of chemo.

I would absolutely recommend scalp cooling, however it is a personal choice.

Before Chemo

During Treatment

5 Weeks PFC


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