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Location: Leeds, UK
Cancer type: Breast Cancer ER/PR+ HER2
Drug type: EC & Docetaxel
Hair type: Average Thickness, Medium Length, Wavy

"Nobody walking past me on the street would know I’ve had 5 months of chemo and I was able to still look like me. I didn’t have any bald patches which I was thankful for. I lost hair everyday as it did shed but it was only hairs never a clump of hair."

I am a HR Business Partner in the NHS, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer when I was 36. I underwent chemotherapy treatment between 18th January – 3rd May 2022. After being diagnosed, I remembered I had heard of the cold cap as a way to save your hair when undergoing chemotherapy and my doctor gave me some more information.

Before scalp cooling, I did tonnes of research. That included watching Claire Paxman’s interviews with The Hair Loss Coach on YouTube. The Facebook Group was a lifeline, the advice and tips were invaluable before heading to treatment.

Scalp cooling was what I expected, I knew the first 15 minutes were going to be difficult. I probably anticipated it being worse than it actually was. I did, however, feel as though the cold cap got harder throughout my treatment. I think this was due to my hair thinning. I was determined to persevere though, I could see it was working and I was extremely lucky to be keeping a lot of my hair.

I took Paracetamol 30 minutes before the cap went on, that really helped. I’d usually lay with my eyes closed after a while, I just couldn’t concentrate on reading or watching my iPad.

Before Cancer

During Treatment

Halfway Through Treatment

Final Chemo

I learned a lot during my scalp cooling process which helped my journey. A few things included:

– using a wide tooth comb to comb my hair twice a day
– washing my hair on chemo day with lukewarm water
-using a little bit of dry shampoo between in between washes
– drying my hair naturally, no heat products
– using a silk scrunchie and a silk pillowcase, this helped not to pull my hair

My main advice for hair care during scalp cooling would be leave your hair alone as much as possible, apart from washing it and brushing twice a day, I didn’t do anything.

I’m extremely happy with my scalp cooling experience. I managed to keep 70% of my hair. Paxman made me feel so much better about myself and made treatment easier, I was able to look like me.

I never dreamt I’d keep as much hair as I have.


"There are so many people I would like to say thank you to. Clinically, all the chemotherapy nurses at Spire Leeds, they really kept me going and cheered me on when I was struggling. They also spent time fitting the cap, making sure it was on correctly, a lot of my success is down to them spending so much time with me. I would also like to say a massive thank you to my husband. He is incredible and my rock. He’s been both Mum and Dad to our children when I was too poorly to look after them. He’s wiped away my tears and made me laugh when I needed it. He is an amazing man and I am so lucky to call him my best friend and my husband. "


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