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Location: UK
Cancer type: Breast
Drug type: Docetaxel
Hair type: Long

"My scalp cooling experience stopped me feeling like outwardly that I had cancer. It stopped the looks. Outwardly you wouldn't know I was poorly or having treatment."

When I was diagnosed I was devastated, the first thing my 10 year old daughter said to me was that she was worried I wouldn’t look like mammy anymore. Loosing my hair was a huge thing for her (and me).

When scalp cooling was explained to me, initially I was worried it would be really painful, but honestly it’s amazing. I had learnt ensuring the inner cap was large enough was really important, making sure it covered the hair line. The fitting was important and making sure the outer cap was pulled tight to give a snug fit. Using lots of conditioner and making sure the hair was soaked helped too. I avoided washing my hair for 3 days and then washed with a gentle shampoo. I also used leave in conditioner.

I am really happy with my experience, it stopped me feeling like outwardly that I had cancer. It stopped the looks. Outwardly you wouldn’t know I was poorly or having treatment. I was always told how well I looked.

I also opted to donate my hair, it was very long and I thought it was a little something I could do for little girls who of course couldn’t scalp cool. I raised nearly £800 for the little princess trust.


"Thank you to my surgeon for always being there and listening to my concerns. Thank you to my breast nurse for always being at the end of the phone. Thank you to my business community for always being there, being self employed whilst having cancer is so hard, especially as you can't just call in sick. They've been there all the way. "


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