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Location: USA
Cancer type: Breast Cancer
Drug type: Docetaxel, Cyclophosphamide
Hair type: Curly

"Paxman gave me the confidence to live and look relatively normal during my cancer treatment. "

When I was diagnosed with cancer, and realized that I would need to have chemotherapy, and was told that I had a minimal chance of permanent chemotherapy induced alopecia, I was shocked. I was told I would lose my hair during chemotherapy but I had no idea that they were people that permanently lost their hair.

I also did not know that there was a technology that could help preserve my hair during chemo and help with regrowth after chemo.

The Nurse Navigator with my Oncologist approached me and said that the chemo regimen that I was on has good successes using scalp cooling. She explained to me that it was not covered under by the insurance typically but could do appeals. Patients pay on a cash basis typically.

I have a naturally curly hair and I was complimented my entire life for my hair. I wanted to preserve it as much as I could.

I decided to go ahead with Paxman scalp cooling and I would call it a complete success. I’m having a hard time estimating how much hair was lost since it thinned in areas but I would say I lost 40% of my hair, I had significant thinning and complete hair loss on my crown. I did not lose hair in the front, so I could pull it back in a headband or clip— Strangers would not know that I had lost hair. This was so important to me.

Before chemo

During chemo

During chemo

3 months PFC

I did not have to share my diagnosis, story, get questioned or the sad eyes seeing my hair loss…Paxman gave me the confidence to live and look relatively normal during my cancer treatment. This was very important to me so I could continue to work, it gave me the confidence to be in public, and not ‘feel’ different.

After treatment, my hair grew back very fast, it is not my exact hair yet, but it is coming back so quickly and my life is getting back to normal.


"I have Paxman to thank for giving me the option and opportunity of keeping my hair during chemo and the fast regrowth after chemo. Eternally grateful."


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