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Location: Fredericksburg, VA
Cancer type: Breast Cancer stage 1a Invasive Ductal Carcinoma, grade 3, ER+, HER2-.
Drug type: AC-T
Hair type: Mid Length, Fine

"I would whole heartedly recommend scalp cooling. Such a positive experience for me."


My name is Lisa, I am 63 years old and I was diagnosed July 2020 with stage 1a Invasive Ductal Carcinoma, grade 3, ER+, HER2-.

I have medium length, average thickness, fine white hair and have not colored for about 10 yrs.

August 2020 I had a lumpectomy and started chemo (AC-T) on October 1 and completed chemo on February 15, 2021.

I would guess that I retained about 50-60% of my hair.  I received my treatment at Virginia Oncology Care in Fredericksburg, VA.

I had heard about scalp cooling from my daughter as she had a co-worker that went through treatment and scalp cooled and saved her hair.  I started researching the different types and did not think there was a Paxman system in my area but as I dug a little deeper I found the locations on the Paxman web site.  Could not believe it was located a mile from my home.  We have two Oncology practices here in Fredericksburg and I consulted with both.  Was told the same treatment plan at both places and so with that I was able to choose treatment close to my home and also use the Paxman System.  I would have had to manually cap at the other place.

It was time to order my Paxman kit and two nurses who were trained came in and fitted me with the correct size cap and filled out the paperwork and all I did was sign it.  They sent it to Paxman and a few days later I received a call from Paxman to verify my address before they shipped it.  Very easy and smooth

Before Cancer

5 Weeks PFC

I was expecting it to be uncomfortable at first but it was a busy day of “firsts” so I found the cap to be fine.  A little cold at first but that went away quickly.  I expected it to be much worse than it was.

I was very lucky that where I was receiving treatment, they had the same two nurses put the cap on me and made sure it was tight everywhere it needed to be each and every time and I capped for 16 treatments.  I truly believe the most important factor is a good fit.  And also followed the Paxman guidelines to the letter as far as hair care the whole time.

I would say I was able to keep about 50-60% of my hair.  I am currently 3 months PFC and shedding has stopped for the most part.  I thinned all over, my part widened but had no bald patches.

I never felt I had to wear a wig, hat or head covering.  Kept it in a low loose pony.  No one but me could tell I had lost anything.

Followed the Paxman guidelines, washed once a week in cool water and just was super gentle with my hair.  No products other than the Paxman shampoo and conditioner.  No heat or stying tools.

I am beyond satisfied with the results I had given the chemo regimen that I was on.  One of the toughest on hair follicles.

I would whole heartedly recommend scalp cooling.  Such a positive experience for me.


"Thanks to Dr. Mehta for offering scalp cooling to all his patients that want to do it - at no cost to the patient.  Pretty darn special!"


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