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Chemo hair loss doesn’t have to be inevitable.


Chemotherapy-induced alopecia is known to be the most feared side effect of cancer treatment, and for a long time, hair loss was a horrible inevitability of receiving chemo. Scalp cooling offers chemotherapy patients the option to retain their privacy, reduce hair loss, promote stronger hair regrowth, and take back control during their treatment. 

If you’re about to undergo chemotherapy, scalp cooling could be a choice for you. 

Join thousands of patients across the world who are using Paxman to cold cap. 

You’re not alone – you’ve got this.

Leah’s Story…

After receiving her diagnosis in 2019, Leah decided to scalp cool during her chemotherapy treatment to take back some control and the chance to retain her hair.

“When I looked in the mirror I still felt like I was looking at myself. Out of all of the things you have no control over during chemotherapy treatment – it was the one thing I was doing for myself.”

Our #YouveGotThis campaign is inspired by the 3,000+ members of the Paxman Scalp Cooling Facebook Group – an incredible community of individuals who share their stories, advice, experience and guidance every day.

This community of empowered patients fiercely support one another and bring empathy, sensitivity and humor to the most challenging of situations. They know how hard this journey can be, but they also know how much of a difference scalp cooling can make. 

We wanted to share the determination, kindness, and self-advocacy that this awe inspiring group of people show each other. And we also want to ensure that as many people as possible know about scalp cooling and that it is an option. 

Chemo hair loss doesn’t have to be inevitable.

Shawna’s Story…

In 2014, a week after retiring from teaching, Shawna was diagnosed with breast cancer. Determined to keep her hair and maintain her privacy, Shawna chose to scalp cool during her chemotherapy treatment.

“We don’t have to lose our hair, it’s a choice. I didn’t want to feel as if someone was looking at me and saying –she has cancer.”

Our Patient Pioneers

Our Pioneers have been kind enough to share their stories of treatment and scalp cooling. These are honest and open accounts from those who have been there. 


“Terror doesn’t cover the feelings about hair loss, I’ve been told by well-meaning friends ‘your hair or your life’. How you feel about yourself impacts hugely on how you manage your journey. So much was out of my control.”


“To say that I am ecstatic with my final end point is an understatement, as I’ll be able to return to work without having my breast cancer diagnosis on my head.”


“I was really overwhelmed when I was diagnosed. I was so young to have breast cancer and I have two young kids. I particularly didn’t want to scare them and tried to shield them from as much as I could and Paxman helped me be able to do that.”


“I believe that scalp cooling allowed me to keep some normalcy throughout my treatments so that I did not feel like a cancer patient, and helped me keep a more positive outlook on a scary diagnosis and treatment process.”


“As an occupational therapist working in an elementary school, I really was able to keep continuing my work with students without daily questions about my appearance. Some of my students would not have been able to understand what was happening and it could have been very distracting for them.”

At Paxman, one of the ways we’re supporting patients through their scalp cooling journey is coldcap.com.

Coldcap.com guides patients through the scalp cooling experience, from diagnosis through to the end of chemotherapy and beyond. We believe in informed choice, so if you or a loved one are facing chemo and would like to know more about scalp cooling, coldcap.com is the best place to start.