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Can I still scalp cool if I shave my hair off?

Yes, you can scalp cool if you choose to shave your hair off. Scalp cooling will continue to protect your follicles and encourage faster regrowth. Shedding can be tough to handle and some patients make the decision to shave their hair to avoid having to deal with daily shedding. Do remember that the shedding you experience at the beginning of your treatment will likely be the heaviest it will be, and that shedding can slow, so if you can get through the first bit, you may find the shedding less distressing. Trust your instincts and you will make the right decision.
If you do shave your hair very close to the scalp, we suggest using a disposable surgical/theatre cap after you have prepped your hair underneath the blue inner cap, as this will make scalp cooling much more tolerable as your scalp will be more exposed than before.

For more information on using a disposable theatre/surgical cap click here

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