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The realities of scalp cooling

Scalp cooling can have amazing results, but it can also be a challenging experience, even for those that see the highest levels of hair retention.

The realities of scalp cooling

It would be easy to pretend that it will be simple, but it is important that we are honest and open about what you may experience on your scalp cooling journey. The private Facebook Group is a great place to get a full understanding of the scalp cooling experience from people going through it. If you haven’t joined yet, it really is worth considering.
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Try to channel a positive mind set and remember that while scalp cooling can be tough, the majority still believe it was the right choice for them.

This section will highlight some of the harder realities of scalp cooling. Understanding the potential challenges that come with scalp cooling will help you to have a realistic view of how treatment could go. We hope that this information won’t be something you need, but it is here if you do.

You haven’t done anything wrong

Scalp cooling may not be the smooth process that we all hope it will be. Something we hear from patients is a concern that if they do lose hair, it’s because they did something wrong - ‘I followed all the rules, but I still have lost hair’.

It is so important to know that you didn’t do anything wrong. You have not failed.

Sadly, for some people, no amount of following the rules or listening to all of the guidance can ensure that scalp cooling will give you fantastic hair retention. This can be particularly hard if you are seeing other people with lots of hair who seem to find it easy.

Try to find comfort in the knowledge that you did everything that you could, you protected your hair follicles, and that regrowth will come. That you acted on what felt right for you. And that you are not alone. Reach out to the scalp cooling community – you are not the only one feeling this way.
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I felt like using cold capping was so worth it, even though I lost some, I kept most, and was able to keep some sort of normalcy for my children and myself!

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