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Putting on the cold cap

Putting on the cold cap properly before each treatment is the most important thing you can do to ensure the best possible outcome from scalp cooling.
Putting on the cap doesn’t need to be complicated. The video will explain step-by-step how you can get the cap on perfectly. The video will outline how to put the cap on yourself, or how the cap can be put on someone else, so whether you are flying solo, will have the cap put on by one of your clinical team, or have the support of a friend or loved one, the video will give you all the information you will need.
There are three key things to achieve when putting on the cap:


Consistent all over contact between your scalp and the inner cap


The inner cap and cap cover positioned centrally on your head


The bungee cords and the chin strap on the cap cover securely tightened, but not over tightened
Please watch the video at least three times, so that you are familiar with the process and will be comfortable and confident for your first treatment.

Find out more in our how-to video

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If you engage with the scalp cooling community, you may see some people sharing adaptions to their cap covers or adding items to change their cap fit. Please be mindful that if you carefully follow the guidance in the putting the cap on video, then you will not need custom adjustments to improve the cap fit. If you are concerned that you are unable to achieve close and consistent contact between your scalp and the cap, then you can use a scarf or soft bandages wrapped around the cap and tied under your chin to increase contact with your crown. Any other additions to the cap, while well-intentioned, can reduce the flow of coolant through the cap which could result in a less effective treatment.

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