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It can be complicated to navigate the world of hair products, so we have put together some guidance and examples of products that are safe for use while scalp cooling
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There is some pretty simple guidance to follow when you are looking for products that will work for you while you are scalp cooling. Hypoallergenic products are your safest bet, as they don’t contain colours or perfumes, both of which can be tricky if you have a very sensitive scalp from chemotherapy. They aren’t particularly exciting, but they do the job.

If you can cope with fragrance, look for products that are sulfate and paraben free. Chemotherapy will dry your hair out, so aim for products that are designed for dry or damaged hair and are suitable for your hair type, and use lots of conditioner.

Finally, no matter how tempting, please do not introduce products or supplements (always ask your doctor before taking any supplement) that make claims about encouraging regrowth until you have finished treatment – they won’t do anything to stop chemotherapy hair loss, and often work by increasing blood flow to the scalp, which is the opposite of what you want during scalp cooling.
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Products suitable for your scalp cooling journey

When it comes to looking after your hair during scalp cooling, products play an important role, but it can be difficult to navigate so many choices and finding the right thing for you.

More often than not we are used to purchasing and using hair care from a cosmetic perspective, but the needs of your hair change significantly when you are going through chemotherapy, and as a result you will likely need alternative products to meet these needs.

Making decisions can be overwhelming, particularly when haircare products make claims about what they can deliver. So, we are bringing in an expert to share her knowledge to help you understand what will work, what won’t work, what is safe to use and when is the right time to use certain products.
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