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Before your diagnosis, hair care may have been very simple, or something you didn’t really think about. Once you start scalp cooling, basic hair care can become complicated.

Looking after your hair will not only make the cold capping process a little easier and your hair more manageable while you are scalp cooling, but it will also make sure that the hair you do retain is in the best condition possible when you complete your chemotherapy.

Cold cap hair care doesn’t need to be really difficult. We have developed lots of help, information, advice and support to guide you through all aspects of looking after your hair whilse scalp cooling.

From the basics such as washing and brushing your hair, through to your options for styling, how to maintain the condition of your hair, and how to look after your hair post chemo. We have got it all covered.

Identifying your hair type

We have developed two hair care guides – one for those with type 1 and 2 hair and one for those with type 3 and 4 hair. These will give you some simple advice on how to look after your hair and make the most of what you have during the scalp cooling experience.

While there are lots of similarities for caring for all hair types, there are some specific differences, so get to know the right guide and approaches for you.

The graphic below will help you identify which hair type you have.

Download our
Haircare Guide
Hair Type 1-2

Download our
Haircare Guide
Hair Type 3-4

Download our
Post Scalp Cooling
Haircare Guide

If you hair is poker straight, really long, super curly, very thick and anything in between we have help and advice for you…

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Haircare FAQ

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As part of our commitment to scalp cooling, we have developed a range of products that will help to achieve the best possible results during treatment and provide great hair care during your chemo.

There are lots of haircare questions that come up frequently, but we want to make sure that we are providing answers to even the most unusual of questions.

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