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Getting your hair ready for scalp cooling

There isn’t too much that you need to do to get your ready for scalp cooling, but there are a few things to consider if you have some time before treatment

Getting your hair ready for scalp cooling

We are frequently asked questions about the right things to do to get your hair ready for scalp cooling. The good news is that there isn’t that much that you need to do, but the following actions are worth considering if you have a little time before your treatment starts.

Get a trim

Damaged and split ends are likely to result in knotty and difficult to manage hair. Getting a good trim can help to make your day-to-day haircare easier.

Remove any hair that isn’t yours

You need to have any extensions, weaves, braids or any additions to your hair removed, as they can insulate your scalp, create tensions at your roots and significantly impact scalp cooling outcomes.

Consider a mid-length cut, if at all

There is no reason to cut your hair unless you want to. A pixie cut will not result in better scalp cooling outcomes than any other length of hair. What you may wish to consider is getting an easy-to-care-for style. For a lot of patients, a collar bone-length cut is a good compromise as it leaves enough hair to tie up but not so much length that it is difficult to look after.

You can dye your hair before chemotherapy treatment

If you want to, you can get your color refreshed ahead of scalp cooling, as you won’t be able to color it throughout treatment and for a little while afterwards. Ideally it should be a week ahead of your treatment - longer if you can manage it. However, there are a few things you may want to consider – avoid chemical treatments that are going to damage your hair, bleach isn’t a great idea. Also, you may see hair regrowth during your treatment and therefore roots or greys, so opting for something close to your natural color can hide this more effectively.

If you can’t get to the hairdresser in time, don’t panic

It’s no problem at all to get your hair dry trimmed or cut when you are in treatment. Just be open with your hairdresser and share what is and isn’t ok for your hair.
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