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Coldcap.com FAQs

How should I store my cap between treatments?

When storing your cold cap, it is important to ensure that you keep in shape and as 3-dimension as possible – almost as it would look like on your head.
• Don’t fold or squash you cap and or cover as this may result in the cap being compromised making it more difficult to achieve a consistent all over fit.
• Don’t bend the leads at the base of the cap as this can put unnecessary tension on the connection to the cap • Coil the cap lead up and tuck it inside the cap to keep everything neat and tidy. You can tighten the chin strap a little help keep everything in place.
• Loosen all of the bungee cords and the chin strap before you store you cap as this will make it easier to put on at your next treatment and will prevent the cover from distorting over time.
• Store your cap in your cap kit bag. It is exactly the right size for the cap and is a handy way to store the cap safely

Please refer to the Cap Care Leaflet in your cap kit

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