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Is scalp cooling painful?

Scalp cooling being painful is a common worry. For the majority of patients, whilst the first 15 minutes can be uncomfortable, they do acclimatize and the becomes tolerable. Many people say after the first 15 minutes they either feel numb or that they don't really feel anything at all. Less than 5% of patients stop scalp cooling because they cannot cope with the cold. If you are undergoing scalp cooling, there are many ways to distract yourself during the first 15 minutes – reading, watching a TV programme, or chatting to a friend are ways that previous patients have found helpful.
If you do find scalp cooling to be painful beyond the first 15 minutes, make sure that your forehead is covered properly - you have a lot of sensitive nerve endings in your forehead and direct contact with the inner cap can be tough. You can also speak to your clinical team about a painkiller to help as well.

For more information on covering your forehead click here

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