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My hair is growing back at different lengths – what should I do?

If your hair is a combination of different lengths, the regrowth stage can be pretty challenging, particularly if you have seen patchy hair loss. It is very much down to personal choice, but patients generally choose one of two different approaches:
Option 1, cut your hair shorter to even out the hair length differences. This might be a pixie or a bob. This is a good choice if you aren’t too attached to having longer hair, or if you are fed up with having to put up with a lot of compromise.
Option 2 is to stick it out for a bit, and tolerate the shorter regrowth, but ask your hairdresser to reshape your hair a little to help blend in the regrowth. If you are really attached to long hair this is probably the better option.
It is also amazing the difference a few months growth can make – it can go from bizarre to almost unnoticeable – so if you have the patience, hang on in there.

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