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What are the cooling times during scalp cooling treatment?

How long you have to scalp cool for is dependent on the chemotherapy regimen you have been prescribed for treatment. There are three stages to scalp cooling – also known as ‘cooling times’ – which are outlined below: Stage 1: pre-infusion cooling This should last for 30 minutes before your chemotherapy infusion begins. For patients with thick hair, we recommend an additional 15 minutes of pre-infusion cooling – making it 45 minutes for stage 1. Stage 2: infusion cooling This cooling stage covers the duration of the infusion of alopecia-causing chemotherapy drugs, the time of which varies depending on your regimen. Stage 3: post- infusion cooling. The length of this stage is also dependent on your chemotherapy regimen, however for the majority of drugs, post-infusion cooling should last for 90 minutes. Your clinical time will advise you if your regimen dictates a shorter cooling time. Once all three stages have been completed, we recommend waiting 5-10 minutes to allow the cap to warm up slightly before removal.

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