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What is the difference between mechanized versus manual cold capping?

There are two types of scalp cooling: mechanized and manual.
Paxman is a type of mechanized scalp cooling, which is delivered via a certified medical device operated by a medical professional at your treatment center. The main benefit of mechanized scalp cooling is that once the temperature of the scalp is reduced, the temperature can be accurately maintained without any additional actions.
Manual scalp cooling is simpler but a more involved process. Multiple caps are kept frozen, usually with dry ice and are applied to the patient's head throughout their chemotherapy treatment. They are swapped out every 20 minutes as the caps begin to warm up. Manual capping requires someone to support this process.
Mechanized scalp cooling is recognised as being reliable and safe, and Paxman gained FDA clearance in 2017. Manual caps are not cleared by the FDA.

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