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What shampoo and conditioner should I use?

The brand of that shampoo and conditioner that you use while scalp cooling isn't important, but there are some petametres to meet that will ensure that products you are using are safe. Ideally, look for hypoallergenic products, which would be perfume and colour free, but if this isn't possible, any product that is sulphate and paraben free will work well. Hydrating products designed for dry or damaged hair in particular are great, especially for those with curly or coily hair, as the products will help to manage the condition of your hair as the chemo process begins to dry it out. All hair types can also consider a leave-in/spray-in conditioner that you can add as and when you need it (a spray in one makes this an easy process), but make sure you are only leaving conditioner in if it is specifically designed for this, otherwise it can make your hair more difficult to wash and manage.
Knowing how to wash your hair is as important as the products that you use.  Avoid circular motions and piling your hair on your head when you shampoo as this can cause the hair to knot and tangle. There is a link for more information on washing your hair below.

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For more information on how to wash your hair click here

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