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What should I do if my clinical team disagree with the cooling times?

Please contact Paxman if your clinical team are not adhering to the indicated cooling times for your chemotherapy regimen. For US patients, contact us at patient@paxmanusa.com For elsewhere, please contact info@paxmanscalpcooling.com It is important that you receive the right amount of cooling both before and after the infusion of your chemotherapy drugs to get the most from scalp cooling. Your clinical team are responsible for these times. Pre-cooling of 30 minutes (45 minutes if your hair is thick) should occur before any chemotherapy drugs are infused. This ensures that your scalp is at the optimum temperature to prevent damage before the drugs reach your scalp. Once all alopecia causing chemotherapy drugs are infused, the post-cooling time can begin. This varies a little depending on the drugs you are receiving but is generally 90 minutes. This ensures you’re your scalp is protected while the drugs are at their most potent within your body.

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