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What will happen if I haven’t a long enough post-cooling time?

If you’re post-cooling time hasn’t been for long enough, this may impact your hair retention. The less post-cooling time you have, the less your follicles will be protected while the chemotherapy drugs are at their most potent in your body. There has been significant research done to identify the appropriate post-cooling times for each regimen. The vast majority of regimens, including all combination regimens require 90 minutes of post-infusion cooling times. The only exceptions to this rule are single agent docetaxel/taxotere which requires 20 minutes of post-infusion cooling and single agent paclitaxel/taxol which requires 60 minutes of post-infusion cooling time. If you do not receive the appropriate post-infusion cooling times, it can affect hair retention rates. There is no way of knowing in advance what this may look like, but you should anticipate some level of hair loss within a couple of weeks.

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