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Why do I need to pre- and post-cool?

Pre- and post-infusion cooling times are needed to ensure that your scalp is at the right temperature to protect your follicles while chemotherapy drugs are at their most potent in your body.
You need to pre-cool to ensure that your scalp reaches 18C - 22C/64F - 72F before your chemotherapy drugs are infused. During pre-cooling, other non-alopecia causing drugs or pre-meds, may be administered in preparation for your chemotherapy infusion.
You need to post-infusion cool after treatment for a period of time to ensure that your follicles remain protected. The amount of time needed for post-infusion cooling is dependent on the half-life of the drug you have been given. Put simply, the amount of time that the chemotherapy is at its strongest in your system and could potentially do damage.

For more information on the right post-cooling time for your regimen use the scalp cooling outcome calculator, click here

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