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Why is my scalp itching during scalp cooling?

A sore, itchy or aggravated scalp, much like the skin on the rest of your body suffering and getting dry, is caused by the chemotherapy drugs in your system. It’s important to know that an itchy scalp is not caused by scalp cooling and does not mean that the cold cap is not working. Unfortunately, an itchy scalp occurs for patients regardless of scalp cooling, so even those who have lost all of their hair are likely to have a similar sensation on their scalp. If you are looking for ways to relieve an itchy scalp, we would recommend firstly speaking to your doctor, as there may be medicated shampoos that can be prescribed. In addition, pure natural oils such as argan, almond or olive oil in your haircare routine, may people help to soothe and moisturise – however please patch test in advance.

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