How much does Paxman
Scalp Cooling cost?

Affordability is crucially important to Paxman. You will need to speak with your provider to understand the specific costs at your cancer center. You will be charged for each scalp cooling treatment that you receive. 

Please contact for more details on cost at your closest cancer center.

Always check with your healthcare provider, as they may provide different pricing and payment options.


Scalp cooling is currently a self-pay treatment. Insurance coverage for scalp cooling is not yet standard in the United States. Providers have reported that some insurance claims have been submitted to health insurance organizations and reimbursement received for scalp cooling treatment costs.

Success with reimbursement varies depending on health plan, beneficiary coverage, and geographic location. Paxman is currently engaged with a reimbursement consulting organization to assess insurance coverage for scalp cooling technologies.

Financial Support

If you need help to pay for Paxman Scalp Cooling, don’t worry help is available. HairToStay is the only non-profit organization which will help subsidize patients having scalp cooling in the United States.

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